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Whispered is committed to ensuring accessibility for all users, including those with disabilities. We continue to improve the user experience for everyone and apply the relevant accessibility standards. If you experience any difficulty in accessing the Whispered website, please don't hesitate to contact us.


This statement reflects Whispered's commitment to accessibility and was last updated on [enter relevant date]. We at Whispered strive to make our platform accessible to executives with disabilities to ensure an inclusive experience.

What executive accessibility means

An accessible platform allows executives with disabilities to navigate and utilize the resources with the same ease and efficiency as other users. This is achieved through the implementation of relevant technologies and adherence to accessibility guidelines.

Accessibility features on Whispered

We have designed and developed Whispered in compliance with the latest WCAG [2.0 / 2.1 / 2.2 - select relevant option] guidelines to ensure accessibility for all executives. Our platform is compatible with assistive technologies, providing features such as [remove irrelevant information]:

    Usage of the Accessibility Wizard to identify and address potential accessibility issues

    Support for language settings

    Optimized content order for easy navigation

    Clear and structured heading hierarchy across all pages

    Inclusion of descriptive text for images

    Optimal color combinations with sufficient contrast

    Minimized use of animated elements

    Accessibility of all multimedia and files

Declaration of partial compliance with the standard due to third-party content [only add if relevant]

Certain sections of Whispered may contain third-party content that could impact accessibility. We acknowledge partial compliance with the standard for these sections and are working to address any limitations.

Accessibility initiatives at Whispered [only add if relevant]

[Describe any specific accessibility initiatives undertaken by Whispered, such as physical office arrangements or other accessibility measures, to ensure a fully inclusive experience for executives using our platform]

Feedback and support

Your feedback is crucial in helping us maintain a fully accessible platform. If you encounter any accessibility challenges or require assistance, please reach out to our accessibility coordinator:

[Name of the accessibility coordinator]

[Telephone number of the accessibility coordinator]

[Email address of the accessibility coordinator]

[Additional contact details if relevant / available]

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