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Communicate your search in 1 page

People want to help you.  So you need to be prepared when people ask: “How can I help?”

If you've written a career thesis, that provides a great foundation but you can use the format below to articulate clearly how folks can help.  This format described below:

  • Articulates the type of roles you are looking for

  • Engages people in your search and makes it easy to learn from them about people or companies you should look into.

The format of this doc matters because people are busy. This is not a résumé but rather a doc that can engage people want to help you. You need to make the ask in a format that engages them and drives them to action.

The Format

Here is a sample format that has been refined with talent partners and recruiters. It is optimized to make it easy for people to help you with:

  • Elevator pitch about you: What you are great at and why you are looking?

  • How people can help you:

    1. Target companies: What companies are you looking to learn more about or meet people at? When you share this, people become dramatically more helpful!

    2. Ask for suggestions: In general, it’s more effective to ask what companies you should consider, vs. asking for introductions to specific people.

    3. Example Intro Blurbs: Write a short blurb that it’s easy for people to copy and paste. You can call it “a way others have introduced me”, to suggest how it could be used.

  • The Value you drive: This is critical. This is what companies are trying to understand about you - quickly. Keep this short and link it to articles, if you want.

  • Target Company/Role: Be specific about the roles and companies you’re interested in - even if you’re not 100% sure. See this page for how to get that clarity.

How to Use Your 1-Pager

Don’t send it to people before you meet them. (This might even nudge someone to opt out of the scheduled meeting!) This document is designed to be sent AFTER you talk with someone who wants to help you.

Other Tips

  • It’s easy to link your potential company list to a database that shows you are clear in your thinking. Airtable is great because you can create one view to share - and one with more info, just for yourself.

  • You don’t need to have an exhaustive list. In fact, if you list more than 50 companies - people start to tune out. The goal is to show a list of 30-50 companies to help guide the suggestions of people who want to help you further. You’ll be shocked at how fast you can find connections to companies, when you’re clear about finding someone to get in touch with.

  • When you talk about the company stage you’re focused on, we recommend using employee (FTE) ranges (i.e. 500-1500 employees), rather than funding stages or revenue. It’s an easy stat to find on LinkedIn and more intuitive for most people.

  • Give your document a title that pops. We would recommend “(Your name) - What’s next!” as an effective and engaging title.

  • You can use a google doc for your 1 pager but, to make it memorable, use to simplify the URL - for example

Do you know how to find your next role?


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