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Grow your brand by going on podcasts

Why i love being on podcasts

I am a guest on 2-5 podcasts a month and have found the experience so valuable, including:

  • Building my personal brand:  People see you as a thought leader (the classic reason to go on podcasts) 

  • Getting my message out there:  Sharing what I am working on now to inspire others, grow what I am working on (i.e. my company)

  • Improve my story-telling:  I find that talking publicly about insights, my journey, challenges and wins makes me a better story-teller, a critical skill for speaking and engaging people.

  • Meeting great people:  Every podcast is a deep discussion with someone you build a new relationship with and as others listen to it, new people find you

How to get on podcasts

Hacks to get on podcasts:

  • Write and build your brand on social.  People will seek you out to join their podcast

  • Find people you know who speak on similar topics via Listennotes and ask if they will introduce you to the podcaster

  • But also… learn from the best 👇

This section below was written by Brett Stapper, one of the sharpest podcast hosts we know.  Brett founded Front Lines Media in 2014 and one of their initial core services was helping founders get booked on podcasts (a service they no longer offer). Today he hosts four of his own podcasts and produces 30+ podcasts for B2B technology companies. All this means one thing: Brett has sent and received A LOT of podcast pitches. 

“We get anywhere from 200-300 pitches per week to be on shows we produce. We respond to less than 1% of these pitches. Here’s what the pitches that stand out have in common: 
  1. They’ve done their research: Research the show and the guest submission process. Many shows will have clear directions on how and where to pitch them — locate these guidelines then follow those directions. The quickest way to annoy a host is to not follow the process they provide. This sounds obvious yet 90% of the pitches we receive are from guests who haven’t even done the most basic level of research possible before reaching out to us. 

  2. They quickly establish credibility: Make it clear you are credible in as few words as possible. Internally we call this a “Power Sentence”. Your power sentence should quickly communicate why you are credible enough for them to even consider having you on the show. Were you a RevOps leader at multiple unicorns and now you’ve built a new RevOps technology platform? Just say that in one sentence. Don’t copy and paste a 3 paragraph bio rambling where you went to school, all the different jobs you’ve had, etc. Keep it short and simple. Just prove to the host you are credible then get to what really matters: adding value to the audience. 

  3. They focus on the audience. Make it crystal clear what unique and specific value you can bring to the audience. List out in bullet points what value you can bring to the audience. None of these points should be about your product or service. No podcast wants to bring a guest on for a sales pitch. They want to bring guests that can entertain, educate, and engage their audience. Center your entire pitch around the value you can bring to their audience. 

  4. They share a promotion plan. Podcasts cost time, money, and energy to produce. Every host wants to increase the reach of each episode as much as possible. In your outreach, make it clear to the host how you will help them get the episode in front of as many people as possible. Have an email list? Are you active in a relevant Slack community? Do you have 100,000 followers on X? Share anything you can that shows the podcast host how you will help them. 

  5. They keep it short. The goal of your initial outreach should simply be to get a host to reply. You don’t need to include everything in the first email pitch. Keep it short and simple — once they have expressed interest, you can share further details.  

One powerful tactic is to leverage a piece of unique research or proprietary data. This gives your pitch timeliness and makes it clear what you want to come on and discuss.  

Do you know how to build your brand?


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