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How advising can help your career

What is Advising 

Advising is a powerful model to accelerate your career.  While some advisory roles can be high-commitment, here is a great article on micro-advising.

How Advising Can Help Your Career

Advising can help your career in a number of ways

  • Build relationships with great CEOs

  • Put your knowledge into practice at new companies and learn

  • Meet other advisors and develop relationships with them

  • Get some money (don't do it for that but one of our team has made mid-6-figures from free advisory shares)

  • Put on your LinkedIn profile to demonstrate your influence

How to Get Advisory Roles

If you already have advisory roles on your LinkedIn people will know you are open to that. 

If you don't have any advisory roles yet, here are some ideas on how to get started:

  • Write.  See our article on the power of writing

  • Geek out on products you love.  Reach out the the CEO and engage them.  Then write up a google doc with all your feedback

  • Focus on relationships with CEOs.  They are really the only ones who can sign on advisors

If you get asked, definitely say yes if you like the CEO, understand the space and feel you can contribute.

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