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How to work with investors

When you are speaking with a VC or Private Equity investor (not talent partner but investor), you first want to engage them

  • Have a succinct story with your background. Share your 1 pager. Get them clear on what you are looking for

  • Come with opinions on spaces.  Write about trends you see and bring 1-2 of those theses to share. See our article on the power of writing

Like with Talent Partners, do your research on the investor's portfolio in advance.

  • You can use Whispered's Company Insights to quickly map an investor's portfolio

  • Know a few companies you are interested in

  • Drop “I’m already talking to X in your portfolio” - this will perk them up 💡

Once you have engaged an investor, you should “always have an ask”. Here are questions to ask at the end of a call with an investor:

  • “most of people’s portfolios are struggling but i’d be fascinated to hear which of your portfolio you would bet your career on?”

  • “what companies have you wanted to invest in but couldn’t that I should have on my radar (and why?)”

  • "could you introduce me to your talent partner [insert name]" - Investor intros are the best way to get connected with Talent Partners

🔥 Add these insights into the Whispered Company Insights. If you ever have bulk insights (like the examples below 👇) you can slack them and the Whispered team will enter them for you

This strategy works!

Here are some examples of hot company lists that investors shared when prompted by the questions above

Example 1

Example 2

How to connect with Investors

The ways to connect with investors are similar to those for talent partners. The CEO intro is the best way in. Whispered maintains a database of investment firms and their portfolio companies so you can easily figure out the best route to get connected to a specific VC.

Do you know how to leverage recruiters, talent partners and investors in your search?


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