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Search Strategies

There are a number of search tactics you can use. We recommend spending 80%+ of your time on the top strategy for you. The right strategies for you depends on your background, connections and the types of roles you are looking for. For people we collaborate with on their search we are happy to advise on where you should focus:

  • Back-Door: Use job boards to find open roles but don’t apply to jobs online. The noise is too much, you won’t stand out. Instead always find an intro to hiring manager.

  • Drafting: Find the select few people doing the role you want today. Build deep relationships with them as they will get hit up by recruiters. You want them to refer you in to recruiters with “I’m not interested but you should really talk with (your name)”

  • Your Network: Your close and broad network can help you connect with companies. Before you start, you need to know which companies you are targeting. Get clear on the company profile here and then use the Whispered Company Insights to target specific companies.

    • Use your 1 pager to catalyze your network to make introductions. When you do, you can “ask for input on your search”, chat with them and then share your 1-pager as the leave behind to get them thinking about how to help you.

    • Network. Studies show that moderately weak connections are the most effective for finding a role. So don’t just focus on people you know well but have a constant drumbeat of reaching out to weaker connections to touch base.

    • Research target companies. Find the CEO and who you know in common. Send casual tickles to them and when they connect you can ask for intros.

    • Searcher Community: Leverage the networks of other Whispered searchers via the community and introductions

    • Understand the role you would work for if you are hired (i.e. Head of Revops —> CRO). Watch which companies have just hired that role and target them proactively. Connect with execs before roles are created to craft your role together.

    • Give back: If you are building your network, you will also find others come to you for help. I consistently find that people I help end up helping me.

  • Investors: Venture and Private Equity investors in companies have deep relationships with those companies and want them to succeed by finding the right talent. You can often meet with people who invest 1-2 stages earlier than you are focused as they will have companies that have blown up.

  • Recruiters: Recruiters can, if you have the right background, be amazing source of actionable roles. Knowing how to work with both of the following roles and position yourself is something I’ve spent a lot of time researching / building tactics on

Notes on Job Boards

Do you know how to find your next role?


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