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The Interview Process

This article includes tips on navigating the interview process.

First Screening Call

On the first screening call, you will want to come prepared with your Talk Track and some initial Diligence questions but also here are some good questions to ask when you first talk to the recruiter.

  • What is the DNA of the company (engineering, product, sales/marketing)?

  • Why is the role being opened?

  • Is the role a backfill or a new role?

  • What is working with the team right now vs. what problems are you looking to solve?

  • Where is the process?

After each round of interviews

  • Recruiters (both internal and those at the company) will ask you “How did the convos with X and Y go”. Try to have a prepared phrase or two for each person you met (i.e. one thing you learned from speaking with that person)

  • Always follow-up with a thank you email summarizing key points and framing next steps. When a candidate doesn’t do this, hiring managers may question their ability to manage up.

Do you know how to leverage recruiters, talent partners and investors in your search?


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