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What is a breakout company?

A company that is growing rapidly can be a springboard for your career. Companies of this type have found product market fit and have a GTM model that is clear, and accelerating.

Why should you join a breakout company?

1) Good financial odds

  • Most pre-traction startups fail. And stagnant companies may be a long way away from a profitable exit.

  • Breakout companies have a reasonably assured financial outcome. The question is less “will there be an exit?” and more “How big will we grow?”

  • Having a solid stock option payday can shift your financial trajectory.

2) Get a win on your record

  • Startups with an unproven trajectory may end in failure that’s hard to explain or not attractive to future employers.

  • Having a well-recognized company on your resume instantly gives you a permanent source of credibility.

  • This reputational effect ripples out to affect your access to future opportunities, funding, and networks.

3) Promotion and experience opportunities

  • When companies are very early stage, or very late stage the opportunities are limited - or “horizontal.”

  • At a breakout company, there are lots of areas to show your skills off and lots of opportunity for promotion.

  • In short, you’ll be building lucrative skills, and taking a shortcut to valuable experience.

4) Build a great network

  • At late stage companies, the core founding team is buried under layers of employees. At large public companies, the team members may be more risk averse and unambitious. And at pre-traction startups, the odds of failure limit your ability to build a good network.

  • At a breakout company, the founding team is accessible and has potential to become part of your permanent tribe. Plus, once there’s an exit, there will be a large group of wealthy, smart, ambitious, skilled people that want to work with you.

How do you identify breakout companies?

Do you know how to find your next role?


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