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Your Talk Track

As part of your job search, you will want to put some time into building a clear narrative to support the (many) conversations you’ll be having.

Here are some of the questions you will get asked. Here are some other questions that you should be ready to answer. Remember: It’s important to be concise and, ideally, to back up each idea with an anecdote to illustrate your point and make it memorable.

  • What is your super-power? What value do you bring to a company?

  • Why are you looking now? (i.e. Why are you leaving your last job, making this transition?)

  • What is the role you are looking for?

  • What type of company do you want to work for?

It’s important to step back and think about the themes driving your next career steps. Writing about themes/trends you are excited about can catalyze your search. This clarity can make it easier for you to engage people in deeper conversations and identify companies you are excited about.

“So few candidates have a thesis for the problems they are excited to solve. This clarity of thought can help guide their search and make them much more compelling as candidates.” Chuck Brotman, Recruiter and Founder of Blueprint Expansion

Do you know how to find your next role?


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