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Every few years,
we consider
the next step in our career
But at our level...
roles aren’t posted – they’re whispered

Crafted by Silicon Valley execs, Whispered accelerates your career with free content and proprietary databases.


Every aspect of the executive job search is whispered, including:

Confidential Company Insights

Discover roles not published anywhere else fromtop recruiters, venture talent partners, companies and other executives.

💡Learn why senior roles typically aren't posted

Access confidential insights on company performance, management and trajectory.

💡Learn how company insights can guide your next career move

Unpublished Roles

Don't stress about searching publicly.  Focus your career vision and  start searching quietly. 

💡Learn how Whispered guards candidate and role confidentiality

career strategy guides

When you reach an executive level, the search process changes.   You need to know how the game is played.

💡Learn how to leverage recruiters and talent partners

engaging recruiters

Hear from Our Alumni

Tanner Lacey
"I was struggling to find the next role to take advantage of my experience.  Whispered guided me to clarity and helped with key connections that uncovered a role that was not posted"

Tanner, Head of Sales @ Sendoso

Dial-in your career + search strategy


Access Confidential Insights and Unposted Roles

Earn credits for contributions

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