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Guide: Evaluating Opportunities
Choose the right company

Once you've engaged with a company, the interview process is key.  While you are interviewing, this guide helps you understand how to ask the right questions to ensure you are set up for success.

Understand how the game is played and ace every stage of the recruiting process.

Use Whispered’s company database to understand things you won’t learn in interviews

Onboarding (coming soon)

The first 90 days in a role are pivotal. Learn how to hit the ground running

Know the right questions to evaluate a company.

Know your worth and how to capture it


Matthew Parker

Matthew Parker, LinkedIn Top Talent Voice

“At some point in the process, when you become the preferred candidate, you should notice the nature of the conversation with the hiring manager/recruiting team switch from transactional to a candid conversation. This is where the hiring manager will be available to speak with you on a frequent basis.”
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