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Built by execs, for execs

While companies spend $220 billion annually to find, engage, and evaluate candidates, execs are on their own and at an information disadvantage.

Whispered was founded by a group of tech execs who’ve been through the stress of senior-level job searching - and are committed to helping others. 

Whispered is focused on helping candidates. To accomplish this mission, we collaborate with:

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Whispered is the “Secret
Weapon” for recruiters

Help candidates focus their search with Whispered’s free career guides. Share senior roles confidentially with top talent and discover companies looking for help finding talent.

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Identifying breakout
companies for investors

When senior leaders evalute their next role, they get candid insights from senior management. Three insights GTM motion, financial performance and leadership provide a perspective investors can’t find anywhere else.

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Amplifying talent

Talent partners want to help candidates but can’t invest the time with each. Whispered’s career guides and recources can help candidates at criticaal junctures. Whispered connects you with quality candidates at no cost.

Talent Partners
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Connecting companies
to elite talent

Share your unpublished role and Whispered will quitely distribute in o our network of executives.


Partner with Whispered

If you are a recruiter, investor, talent partner or company, we'd love to chat about helping great talent find great companies.

Whispered is free for all partners

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