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Guide: Career Clarity
Get clear on what you are seeking in your next role

The more focused you are, the easier it is to search.  Reflect on and clarify your career direction to build a solid foundation for a proactive job search, rather than reacting to opportunities as they arise.

Decide if you want a corporate job or chart your own path

Get clear on the size, industry, business model and role you are focused on

Understand how to position yourself with potential employers

Develop a roadmap that can guide your search

What size company do you want to work at


Grant McDaniel

Grant McDaniel, Recruiter/Founder @ Tend

“I've seen so many execs struggle with how to think about and talk about their career. A lot of people need to be pushed to slow down there and put the work into getting the story right in a way that makes sense to themselves and opportunity decision makers.”
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