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Guide: The Search
Leverage recruiters and talent networks

When you have your search strategy dialed-in, then you are ready to start searching.  This guide helps you leverage key players to find and engage with unpublished roles.

The talent teams at investors are valuable nodes to meet companies and recruiters

Leverage talent partners and investors to connect with companies and opportunities

Know what recruiters are evaluating on the first call

How to engage with recruiters to fast-track your search

Activating Your Network

Your network wants to help you.  Understand how to engage them

Understand how to impress company recruiters


Bret Rickard

Bret Reckard, Head of Talent @ Sequoia

"If someone asks if you’ve managed managers, don't just describe the project and the team size. Share why you built layers into your org and how you gave autonomy. Share how you determined your objectives and how you met them. In other words, always look to give your potential colleagues a deeper understanding of how you think."
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