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Searching for your next role can be lonely.

The collaboration between execs inspires us as they share

  • Insights on companies / roles

  • Advice at key inflection points

  • Search tactics

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Tips on Using the Whispered Community

Here are a few community guidelines:

  • Confidentiality is priority: Not everyone is public yet with their search so please respect that. Never share any roles / company insights outside the community.

  • Helping each other in your search is encouraged: Often times a searcher may know people at a company you are trying to connect with… feel free to offer/ask.

  • Contribute: Adding insights on companies and roles make the model better for everyone. If you have a role you want to prioritize for yourself, you can use the “Confidential” status to prevent it from appearing in the Role Database or Slack.

  • Work Out Loud: While there may be others seeking similar roles, we encourage people to communicate openly on roles they are both interested in (see below for how we approach having more than one executive chasing a newly posted role).

There may be others searching for similar roles. We have thought deeply about this and here is how we approach it:

  • We believe that it is better to know (and collaborate) with other candidates:  We prefer friendly competition and to know the other folks competing for a role. This allows you to share insights on the role / company and even figure out which of you is best qualified.

  • If a role isn’t fit for one of us, we can refer others in: There are many different skill sets and levels of seniority (as well as Geo/Industry focuses) in our searchers so often one searcher will pass but can intro someone else.

  • We only admit members who are collaborative: We assess this in the first call.

  • You can share roles privately:  If you sources a role and want to work it privately, submit the role as “Confidential”. This means that the role is added to the database but not slacked and only visible to you and whispered leaders. 

  • We limit the number of searchers in a specific area: If there are too many concurrent searchers in a function / level, we may limit new members in that area.

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