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Executive roles
(and company secrets) 
don’t get posted…
they get Whispered

Whispered's unique resources help executives
find information that aren't available anywhere else. 

Learn about the trajectory, GTM model, runway, executive culture and more for thousands of companies.

"Every company bullsh*ts in the interview process.   Nobody tells you actual problems.


When you don’t work out, it is perceived as your fault even though you were not setup for success."    Elena Verna

Find roles from recruiters, talent partners and companies that they never post.  

"Please keep this hush hush.  We don't plan on publishing.  We want to be strategic in our search for this new hire."  In-House Recruiter

Discover breakout companies and unpublished roles for free

Contribute company insights and roles to earn credits
Click on the databases above 👆to get started!

Find and get introduced to the recruiters who can accelerate your search

"We rarely invest time on inbound candidates, unless they are referred in."  Recruiter

Get connected with breakout companies through their talent teams

"Candidates who know our portfolio and where they can add value are ones we actively work to place."  VC Talent Partner

Searching for your next role can be lonely.  Join a slack group with other top execs and exchange insights and introductions

"Sharing insights on roles and connecting each other has made my search so much more fulfilling."  Whispered Member

Connect with the Whispered team and executives on "Connect the Dots" to leverage our connections

"The Whispered network is amazing - they are super connected and open to making introductions."  Whispered Member

Join Whispered and get unlimited access to all resources

If you are actively looking for your next full-time role, click below to contact us

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