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Career Coaching

Whispered focuses on helping you accelerate your search once you have clarity

Premium members collaborate with our team on your search

If you are struggling with your career strategy, we have partnered with RG Leadership Coaching to create exclusive packages to help at these key inflection points

Role Clarity


Get clarity on your next full-time role

  • Confirm full-time role is right for you

  • Get clarity on the role you are focused on

  • Articulate your career thesis

Career 2.0 Clarity


Navigate a career inflection point

  • Get clear on your next career step

  • Identify personal & professional values

  • Leverage 4-quadrants of career satisfaction

  • Build a 3-5 year vision for your Career 2.0

  • Create an action plan

The difference between Whispered and a career coach

The service whispered provides is different from - and complimentary to - a coach in several ways:

  • Nature of the Service: Coaches work closely with you on a personal basis to think through your career strategy. Whispered focuses on helping people with their career journey with tactics, information, and introductions. Whispered provides advice at key moments but we don’t support ongoing introspection and improvement. 

  • Pricing Model: Coaches charge by time (great coaches often are in the $400+ per hour range). Whispered's asynchronous model charges a one-time fee for unlimited access to our resources, tools, strategies and community. 

  • Outcome: Coaches help people process / cope / improve how they manage / refine what is important to them in life…. Whispered is focused on helping people at critical career junctures. Coaches can help you better handle the situation but often can’t get deep into helping you find your next role. Whispered focuses on a narrow domain (senior leaders in technology) and we know this domain well.

  • Approach: Coaches focus on guiding you to figure out things yourself and understand them deeply internally. Whispered gives more directed, tactical advice from our experience

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